How to Hove-To with a gunter yawl..

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How to Hove-To with a gunter yawl..

Postby mayrel » Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:05 pm

I think I understand this maneuver, but wanted to get confirmation. Essentially you sheet in the mizzen tight, push the tiller all the way over to port, and set the jib starboard sheet slightly tight like backing, and let the main out to luff(or maybe it's best to drop the main all together). I understand you need to adjust the main and jib to attain a good balance. My second question is how to secure the push-pull tiller?
I attempted googling for information on how to hove-to a yawl rig and got nothing. Any help is appreciated...John

Re: How to Hove-To with a gunter yawl..

Postby Mike » Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:28 pm

"Heave to" is the action and "Hove to" is the completed state, okay, you've got it basically right, mizzen sheeted in tight and flat, jib pulled tight on the upwind side, rudder over to match the jib and force the the hull to try and turn up into the wind. She'll drift astern but should stay headed into the wind. The main sheet should be completely slack and no wind pushing on the mainsail.

Lashing the rudder down, you have several options. One option is look at the handy jig Tony made and see if you want to try something like that. Another is to rig up your own handy lashing system, remembering that you need to be able to lash the rudder pole down for either tack since you have a jib to contend with.
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Re: How to Hove-To with a gunter yawl..

Postby mayrel » Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:20 pm

Thank you Mike. The idea of being able to lash the tiller down as Tony devised is brilliant! I also appreciate the heaving-to instructions. I have a lot to learn about sailing this CY; my experience has primarily been with production sloop rigs like the Montgomery 17 and 15. I'm anxious to sail this boat, but I'm also being patient so I can understand her rigging and sailing characteristics. We are heading for Florida the end of the month for a few weeks of sailing, weather pending. I feel confident I will be able to sail this boat without a lot of trouble, but there is always a learning curve; experience is always a good teacher. I also very much appreciate all the great information available on this site. John

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