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The Crew

Nev Roberts - click to enlargeNeville Roberts, (right) who originally commissioned the building of Crazybird, is a highly skilled and experienced engineer and obviously keen boatie with a long history of different craft. He also has a stream of restored classic cars to his credit, is currently into building Rob Roy classic canoes, and loves a good red (wine). Just about everything made of metal aboard Crazybird has been handmade by Nev. Sails aboard Crazybird as midship hand. Always good for a bit of advice.
John Freeman at the Gippsland Messabout - click to enlargeJohn Freeman, (left) after a temporary office job in Insurance lasting 40 years, has now taken up his true vocation, woodworking. John has been the craftsman behind most of the finishing and improvements on Crazybird. Sails aboard Crazybird as foredeck hand. He knows his true role is to keep the spray off the rest of us and is usually successful. Takes a lot of abuse and doesn't complain much. Nick Grainger
Nick Grainger, the current owner, (right) works with people and computers. He built this website as part of one of his first assignments towards an MA in Virtual Communication. Since then it has had about 10,000 visits a year and has a very active Discussion Board. Nick is now working on a PhD studying the impact of the Internet on Expedition Communication. For practical experience, Nick sailed as Mate and ran the online communications aboard 'English Rose VI, a 57' ketch, on a voyage around the world, the 'John Ridgway Save the Albatross Voyage 2003-4.' (Scotland - Cape Town - Melbourne - Wellington (NZ) - Cape Horn - Falklands - Azores - London - Scotland). Nick's previous experience includes sailing a 21ft Shetland foureen 'The Aegre' across the Atlantic and Pacific, including a complete capsize enroute... (see The Aegre story). Nick lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Tomoko and two daughters. When he's aboard Crazybird he's on the helm and giving the orders.
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