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The navigation bar on this site uses Javascript which your PC may not be able to process. If the drop down menus do not work on your PC please use the map and links below to get around the site. There is a link at the bottom of every page back to this sitemap. For more information about the set up of this site please see the notes below.
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Site map

Georgia Goast Passage 2004  
GC Passage Part 5 GC Passage Part 6 & 7 Stowage aboard Rebecca Ann  




The Crew


The Aegre


Building CBs hull
Sailing tips
Summary of the voyage of The Aegre
Discussion Forum
Setting up CB's rig
Where we sail
Old Discussion Forum
Crazybird's trailer and rig stowage
Sailing Double-Pipe's Kid
Later improvements to CB
Heron at the Wooden Boat Festival, Maine July 02
Ernie Fass - Building in Arizona
Bill Erickson - Building Two Pipe's Kid
Bill Boyd - A Profile of Heron
Neil & Kath Gross - Building in Michigan
Dale Davenport fits out and rigs Rebecca Ann


1. The site has been designed for a minimum screen resolution of 800x600 pixels.
2. The Navigation Bar contains some drop down menus which require Javascript. If you do not have Javascript enabled these drop down menus will not work. In this case please use the site map links for navigation.
3. Photoshop 6 is used for all image processing. If you wish to contribute photos please send them to me with a minimum resolution of 72dpi, and preferably with a width of 700 pixels.
4. Fireworks 4 is used to optimise and slice images, and also to produce the navigation bar buttons.
5. Dreamweaver 4 is used to construct the site, insert text, test and generally manage it.
6. Principal testing of the site is being done in Internet Explorer 5.5.
7. Sound on The Aegre pages uses midi files which have been set up with Windows Media Player.
8. The Discussion Board uses phpBB, an open source application that is freely available from http://www.phpbb.com/ It is hosted on the same server as the rest of the site.
9. The whole site is hosted by 123ehost.com (http://123ehost.com) somewhere in the US.
10. I developed the first version of this site entirely in HTML in June 2001 as an assignment in the Master of Arts (Virtual Communication) Course run at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). Version 2, (the current version) was developed during December 2001 and January 2002 as an exercise to improve my familiarity with the software applications and to trial a number of principles and ideas regarding web design, usability, traffic development etc. I've enjoyed combining my interest in sailing with my study.
11. This site has been developed and continues to grow thanks to the input and encouragement of many people, particularly in the early days Graeme White at RMIT, fellow students Susan Cowan and Nan Allen, my very patient and long suffering crew Nev Roberts and John Freeman, my wife Tomoko and daughters Erica and Mariko who are sick of me going on about it, and finally to you, the visitor, who makes it all worthwhile.
Nick Grainger, September 2002
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