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There aren't a lot of sites about Caledonia Yawls but if you like this style of boat, then I think you'll find many of the links below pretty interesting too....

Suggestions for inclusion to these links are very welcome via the Discussion Board

For all you builders of Caledonia Yawls, you might be interested in subscribing to the free Duckworks magazine 'Written by and for those wacky homemade boat builders' - (that doesn't really include you of course - well maybe...) it's well worth a look. Packed full of tips and resources.
Interested in building a Eun Mara? See this excellent site about the building of the Eun Mara Alistego.
Many people, especially those with hectic lives, have dreamed of leisurely cruising the world's most beautiful waters on a magnificent yacht. If you are one of these people, Craig Youse invites you to wake up, stop dreaming, and get busy sailing! As he says, the fact is, most people can easily afford a well-built pocket yacht that comes with the essential accommodations commonly associated with more expensive, full size yachts. Sound like you? Visit the Perfect Pocketyacht site.
Around the world in an open boat? Yes its been done of course - Anthony Steward did it in a modified 19' grp trailer yacht 'NCS Challenger' in the early nineties. A great story.
If you like The Aegre story, check out the Microcruiser site maintained by Dave and Mindy Bolduc - I partlicularly like their extensive listing of significant small boat ocean voyages - and the links - a great site
A New Zealand based eMagazine, woodenboat.net.nz, for builders, owners and admirers of wooden boats with lots of great links. Crazybird had the honour of being named 'Boat of the Month' on this site in September 2002.
A piece about a Caledonia Yawl built by Bill Boyd in Maine
A couple of good pics of the Caledonia Yawl 'Caledonia' , with the lug rig, at the Port Townsend Festival.
The Voyage Alone in the Yawl Rob Roy by McGregor - timeless....
Wooden Boat Magazine - a lot of visitors to Crazybird's site come via this magazine's site. If you didn't maybe you'd like to go out that way...
And not forgetting Classic Boat magazine (good on 'ya Dan - keep it up)
Four men, a 19-foot open boat and unforgiving Arctic waters. This is one adventure perhaps best experienced vicariously.
If you are interested primarily in cruising and The Aegre story, don't miss the very comprehensive Cruisenews site.
Oughtred is strongly influenced by Scandinavian small boat design. This site contains a whole range of them. Click on "Båtritningar" and then click on the Drawing you are interested in.
The story of John Ridgway and Chay Blyth's row across the North Atlantic in 1966 is fascinating. Aboard The Aegre we adopted a number of their ideas very successfully. Follow this link for an account of the row.
Scourie Hotel, on the north west coast of Scotland where Julie and I both worked during the final six months before we left aboard The Aegre, now has its own website.....
Sutherland is the wild and wonderful far north-west of Scotland where we developed the idea and prepared for The Aegre voyage. Well worth a visit if you ever have the chance. Follow this link to go there virtually.
St Kilda was our last sight of the British Isles as we headed south aboard The Aegre. This small group of islands is one of the remotest parts of Britain being 41 miles (66 kilometres) west of Benbecula in Scotland's Outer Hebrides. This lovely website tells the story of the islands and people of St Kilda, and their evacuation in 1930 after 5,000 years of occupation.
Ken Leap is building a Caledonia Yawl in New Mexico - he started by rendering a 3D digital model - take a look!
And another Caledonia Yawl being built, this one by Gary Spear, here
Classic Marine is a wonderful chandlery in the UK, unlike any other. They supply and make equipment for traditional and classic yachts around the world. In their workshops, they can make - in bronze or galvanised mild steel - whatever they can't buy. The superb jib furler on Crazybird came from here. You can order by mail of course.
If you think The Aegre was a small boat to be crossing oceans in - well you ain't seen nothing.... take a look at this site for a wealth of information on ocean crossing micro-cruising boats - like the 3ft 11" Vera Hugh II which Tom McNally set out to sail E-W across the Atlantic in 1998 - the boat was last reported to be in the Canary Islands.
The About directory (the 'human' Internet) has an excellent listing of pages about classic boats of note, particularly tallships, but also lots of other more modest but interesting craft as well. Well worth a look.
Marine Waypoints.com is a very comprehensive directory of maritime sites. US based. Includes a good section of personal pages with lots of cruising stories.
Duck Flat Wooden Boats in Adelaide have lots of experienice with Oughtred designs, sell the plans etc Some good pics on the site and lots of relevant info on building these sorts of boats.
ALONE IN THE CARIBBEAN - Being the Yarn of a Cruise in the Lesser Antilles in the Sailing Canoe "Yakaboo"
By Frederic A Fenger - Illustrated - Copyright 1917.
The Mother of all Maritime Links - if you haveen't been to this mega-site, better take a look....
And finally the Australian Wooden Boat Association (Victoria is our local group).
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