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December, 2016
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Crazybird on Port Phillip Bay

The Caledonia Yawl Crazybird

Crazybird, a Caledonia Yawl, is an open wooden sailing boat just under 20ft long with two masts,three sails and no engine.
She looks like an old style fishing boat with her gaff rig, tan sails and traditional lines.
Actually she was built in 1993 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia by Richard Munt, Neville Roberts and Wei Ming Wu (the original Crazybird).
The Caledonia Yawl design is by Iain Oughtred, a popular designer of small wooden sailing craft.
Oughtred's designs are based on traditional lines but recreated in modern materials.
This site contains lots of information about building and sailing Caledonia Yawls, and Crazybird in particular.
Welcome aboard...
Nick Grainger

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