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Another Caledonia Yawl for Michigan

Neil and Kath Gross have started building a Caledonia Yawl in Okemos, Michigan. They're friends of Bill Erickson, (Double Pipe's Kid). Following is their first progress report... (click on the photos to enlarge)
Kath working on one of the stemsJuly 2002 - We thought we'd get the keelson and the stems fitted before we went off on vacation but that wasn't to be. You can see that the stems are laminated but not shaped. We've also got the blanks for the centerboard and rudder cut. The picture shows Kath working on one of the stems.

The building frame set upLooks like we'll need to work hard to get the hull done and turned over prior to winter. We plan to make spars etc during winter, and maybe thwarts etc. if it is another mild one, then finish her off for a splash late summer 2003.
Neil is actually a Sydney-sider but has been living in Okemos Michigan for seven years. He's a systems engineer in computerized traffic lights. He says he doesn't like sharks but that's not why he left Sydney.
According to Neil, Kath is a Detroit (Motown) girl and works with the Michigan Psychiatric Society. They've been married for four years.
Thanks Neil and Kath - everyone is looking forward to following your progress.
If you would like to share information about a Caledonia Yawl you are building or sailing, contact me via the Discussion Forum and I'll create a page for you and your boat. Nick Grainger
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