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Bill Boyd's Caledonia Yawl Heron at the Wooden Boat Show 2002, Portland, Maine
A great pic of the Maine Wooden Boat  Festival

Visiting the 2002 Wooden Boat Show in Portland, Maine, Neil Gross was delighted to find a familiar Caledonia Yawl. Neil takes up the story...

"It was a beautiful place. After being there I can see why Maine is the WB center. We bumped into Geoff Kerr (Two Daughter's Boatworks) and I told him about the website. He said he'd heard of it and would take a look. I have some pics of a boat he had on show.

I noticed there was a Caledonia Yawl in the WoodenBoat Challenge and was very pleasantly surprised to find that it was Bill Boyd and Heron.

The WB Challenge was basically a gathering of new and old wooden boats built on classic lines. There were all kinds of craft from replicas (no man's land boats, a Rozinante, sandbaggers..) to Bantry Bay Gigs built by the Atlantic Challenge youth groups from round the World. The AC meet was being held at Rockland in conjunction with the WB Show.

The big picture shows Heron heading out for the big sailpast (which included five two masted schooners). The dock behind Bill is where the smaller
Challenge boats were berthed.

The other pictures are of Heron at the end of the sailpast. The lower picture shows a lovely catboat aft of Heron. Notice the the gig in the upper picture.

(Photos taken by Neil Gross - Double click to enlarge).

Note: Visit Bill Boyd's page to read all about the building of Heron.
Heron in the sailpast (1)
Heron in the sailpast (2)
Heron at the Maine WB Festival
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